Things I Loved: March

Woohoo! Spring is finally here – the sun is shining, the days are longer and people are smiling more. Today I’m sharing some things I loved in March.

I love daffodils, they brighten up my garden and my sitting room  🙂 

I sat in the sun this morning, savouring every sip of my strawberry and banana smoothie.

I made my first pair of earrings.

And I made my first bracelet. I’m teaching myself how to make jewellery and I’m loving experimenting with different beads and charms.

I enjoyed a relaxing bath, adding my gorgeous Lush bath bomb.

Chilli con carne is one of my favourite dinners. I made a big pot of it yesterday – yummy!

What did you love in March?





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Are you looking for all natural, organically-sourced pain relief?

Are you looking for all natural, organically-sourced pain relief? Well look no further than the Fay Farm Rejuvenation Lotion. I heard lots of very positive feedback from other chronic pain fighters about Fay Farm products, so I was delighted when they sent me their Rejuvenation Lotion as it was developed in consultation with fibromyalgia sufferers.

*I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers ( network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.*

Absolute bliss!

Ahhh! The Fay Farm Rejuvenation Lotion is great for use on my sore, aching muscles – I’ve been mostly using it on my arms and knees. The smell is overpowering at first but you become accustomed to it (it has notes of vanilla from peru balsam essential oil complimented with a delicious top note of camphor makes for a mild, almost decadent aroma).   I really like that this lotion absorbs quickly and is non-greasy.

I am always looking for new ways to decrease my pain organically and naturally. The Fay Farm Rejuvenation Lotion contains a blend of essential oils and herbs, which helps to relieve muscle and joint pain. Other natural ingredients include purified water, grape seed oil, hemp oil, apricot kernel oil, argan oil, magnesium, 200mg CBD oil, turmeric, valerian, fennel and liquorice. It does not contain any parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, or phthalates.

The Fay Farm Rejuvenation Lotion is formulated with the relief of joint and muscle pain in mind, the inclusion of the CBD oil and magnesium oil offers me some relief as it decreases the intensity of my fibromyalgia pain.

The Fay Farm was started by Stacy Anderson & Michael Yocco, they are dedicated to creating quality natural body care products.  Many of their high quality ingredients come right from their farm which is located in Whidbey Island near Seattle, Washington. Milk from their herd of Nubian goats and herbs from their greenhouse can be found in many of their products.

I absolutely love the Fay Farm Rejuvenation Lotion, it offers me some well needed relief from fibromyalgia pain.

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Strategies To Help You Get Through A Fibromyalgia Flare

A Fibromyalgia flare can really kick my butt, it’s a temporary increase in the intensity of my fibro symptoms, the pain is excruciating and the fatigue is debilitating. Distraction tends to work for me –  I love snuggling with my cats whilst watching a funny movie.


Today, I’m sharing some strategies to help you get through a Fibromyalgia flare:

  • Communicate with your family and friends about what’s happening with your body, tell them what your limitations are and what they can do to help you. Asking for help if you cannot do it all or just letting go of the less important things that you are unable to do can reduce stress and ease your symptoms.
  • It’s important to go with what your body is telling you to do – rest! Sometimes you have to acknowledge that you are powerless over your illness and the smartest thing you can do is to give in to it and go to bed.
  • Self-care is important during a Fibromyalgia flare. Take it easy, be good to yourself, wrap up warm, use your heating pad to help ease the pain.
  • Watch funny videos or movies. It’s always good to laugh, I love watching cat videos on YouTube.
  • Take a walk to your local park and feed the ducks. It is relaxing and will help you get some energy to keep on fighting.
  • Colouring is relaxing. You can buy adult colouring books (there is even a swearing colouring book) or you can find free images online that you can print and colour. I really enjoy colouring in butterflies and flowers, mandalas are great too.
  • Listen to your favourite relaxing music or something upbeat. I enjoy listening to music from the 80’s and 90’s, it brings back good memories.
  • Use the items in your Fibromyalgia cuddle basket to get you through the flare. Having things handy and in place can help reduce the anxiety of a fibro flare.
  • Phone a friend, it doesn’t matter what you talk about, just feeling connected to something beyond your pain can help to lift your spirits.
  • Enjoy a hot soothing bath, Epsom Salts absorbed through the skin can help to relieve muscle tension, pain, and inflammation in joints.
  • Browse through the beautiful handmade crafts on You may find the perfect gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself.
  • Meditate, there are lots of meditation apps that will help you to relax.
  • Write a letter to a friend, use pretty paper or notelets. It can brighten someone’s day to receive a personal letter that shows you care.
  • Go online and talk to other people who have fibromyalgia, it helps to know that you are not the only one going through a flare.
  • Repeat self-reassuring phrases, for example: “This flare will end, just like all the others.” These phrases can help you relax and quieten the inner voices that insist you’ll never have a good pain day again.
  • Look for inspiration on Pinterest, I can spend hours on the app.
  • Playing or snuggling with your pet can be very therapeutic. Their unconditional love helps when you are in flare.
  • Indulge in a bar of your favourite chocolate, sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself.
  • If you find it difficult to concentrate on reading a book you could listen to audio books. Put on your headphones, lie back, and enjoy.
  • Fun craft projects can help distract you from the pain – perhaps you love knitting or painting or even making your own jewellery.

What strategies help you get through a Fibromyalgia flare?





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The Skin Care Products Every Woman Should Own

My skin becomes dry, dull, and flaky at this time of year. It is important to use a good moisturiser to moisturise your skin and combat external elements such as central heating, cold, wind, germs and pollution. So, I was delighted when Nicky from Help Your Skin  sent me some fantastic skin care products to review.

Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Age-Defying Moisturiser

I love Olay’s Regenerist 3 Point Super Age-Defying Moisturiser! It intensively hydrates my dry skin like no other moisturiser I’ve tried in the past. The cream has a lovely fresh scent and is quite thick, it feels non-greasy, rich and luxurious and is easily absorbed into the skin. I apply it once or twice a day on clean skin and I smooth it evenly over my face, jaw line and neck. I can honestly say that after using this moisturiser for over a week my skin feels softer, more hydrated and refreshed. My friends have noticed that my skin has a healthier glow.

I’m a woman in her early 40’s, therefore I really like that Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Age-Defying Moisturiser promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restore elasticity and suppleness. It specifically targets the three areas most prone to sagging: eye area, jaw line and neck. Already I’ve noticed a reduction in the fine lines around my eyes.

Smooth, well-hydrated skin is the secret to your foundation looking flawless, so Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Age-Defying Moisturiser provides a fantastic base for make-up.

Aveeno Skin Care Gift Set

Included in my Aveeno Skin Care Gift Set is the 500ml Aveeno body wash, the 200ml Aveeno daily moisturising lotion and the 75ml Aveeno hand cream. This is a perfect gift set for those with dry, sensitive skin.

I love using the Aveeno body wash and daily moisturising lotion as part of my cleansing and moisturising routine.  The body wash soothes dry and sensitive skin; I like that it gently cleanses my skin without drying it.  The Aveeno daily moisturising lotion combines the concentrated goodness of active colloidal oatmeal with rich emollients, it leaves my skin feeling silky soft and hydrated.

The Aveeno hand cream is formulated with active colloidal oatmeal, it is easily and quickly absorbed, and it is non-greasy; my dry hands now look and feel soft and nourished.

If you enjoy soft and hydrated skin, then I highly recommend Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Age-Defying Moisturiser and the Aveeno Skin Care Gift Set. They would make great gifts for your loved ones or as a moisturising treat for your body.

*This is a collaborative post.

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What causes a fibromyalgia flare?

Apologies, it’s been a few weeks since I last posted. I’ve suffered from several health problems recently, including a Fibromyalgia flare that kept me in bed for nearly a week. A fibromyalgia flare is a temporary increase in the intensity of fibro symptoms – I experienced terrible pain all over my body that even my morphine patches didn’t relieve and I also felt extremely fatigued, but I couldn’t sleep which then triggered a migraine.

What causes a fibromyalgia flare?

Temperature/Weather changes

Lots of people with Fibromyalgia experience an increase in symptoms when there are extremes in temperature, when it is too cold or too hot.  It’s important to wrap up warm in the cold, and to stay hydrated in the heat.


I know from past experience how badly stress can exacerbate my fibromyalgia symptoms. It’s important that we try to reduce unnecessary stress in our lives. We need to determine which situations make us anxious and find ways to make those situations less stressful. I practise mindfulness, it helps me to relax and live in the moment. You could also try meditation, yoga, or other relaxation techniques. You could take up a fun hobby to relieve the stress in your life.


I know that when I do too much on a good pain day that I will pay for over exerting myself the next day. It’s important that you recognize your limits and pace yourself – write down everything you need to do, prioritise your to do list, listen to your body and stop at the first sign that you need to rest.


Having a cold or flu can trigger a fibromyalgia flare. Symptoms such as a sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, cough and malaise can make the pain and fatigue worse.  You could take Vitamin D, it can help to boost immunity or you can try Zinc Sulphate which helps to prevent colds or Omega-3 fatty acids that will help your body fight inflammation or you could take Vitamin C to keep your immune system in good shape.

Lack of sleep

Sleep disruption can trigger a flare of fibromyalgia symptoms. People with fibro have sleep problems, we have trouble falling asleep or we frequently awake during the night. Poor sleep can make pain seem worse, and pain can lead to poor sleep – it’s a vicious cycle. You could try sticking to a sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake up time, even on the weekends. You should also practice a relaxing bedtime ritual – power down the digital devices, have a relaxing soak, read a book, or listen to music.

Some flares are unavoidable, and certain triggers are beyond our control. You can try to identify what makes your symptoms worse – you could keep a diary of your activities, how you slept, any stresses you encounter and write down how they affect your symptoms.  You may then see a pattern that might help you to avoid triggers that aggravate your fibro symptoms and help you to reduce the intensity and number of flares.





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Promises To Myself

Happy New Year!  I’ve had a wonderful Christmas, I loved spending quality time with friends and family. I also spent time snuggling with my cats whilst reading (and eating chocolate), watching Netflix and shopping in the sales (I love my new Samsung tablet). I have also been reflecting on the last year, thinking about my accomplishments, my goals, the highs and lows, the lost friendships and new ones, the laughter and the tears. 2016 was a challenging year for me, but I’ve learned a lot about myself and I am stronger than ever before.

This year, I promise that…

I will be kind to myself. I will take time out to look after myself physically and emotionally. I will listen to my body and not push myself too much. I will carve out time for myself by setting aside 30 minutes or more each day to relax – to read a good book, to enjoy a hobby, to indulge in home pampering, to meditate or do some colouring for mindfulness.

I will not allow people to mistreat me. I deserve to be treated with the same love, respect and kindness that I show others.

I will not feel guilty when I say no. Sometimes my body needs to recharge and I must decline social invitations.  My health comes first.

I will speak lovingly to myself. I tend to be very self-critical. This year I am going to celebrate my little accomplishments.

I will take better care of my body. I will try to eat healthier and drink more water.

I will continue to practise mindfulness. When we are mindful of the present moment, we experience our life as we live it. We appreciate the delicious taste of the food we eat, the scent of flowers that bloom, the purring of a cat, the softness of a blanket and the beauty of a butterfly fluttering in the air.

I will work harder to show my friends how important they are to me. I love my true friends, the ones who have stayed by my side as I deal with a lot of health issues. I value their friendship and love.

What promises have you made to yourself this year?





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12 Ways To Relax This Christmas


Christmas can be a stressful and busy time of year – we can feel overwhelmed, under pressure and pushed to the limit. It’s really important to take time to relax and look after yourself as our Fibromyalgia symptoms are exacerbated by stress. 

12 Ways To Relax This Christmas

  1. Take time to meditate.  There’s no need to go on a retreat to the mountains as you can do it in the sanctuary of your own home. I love the the Calm app. All I have to do is find a comfortable spot in a quiet place, concentrate on my breathing, and feel those anxieties start to disappear.
  2. Read a book. I’m reading the Harry Potter series at the moment and I’m loving them!
  3. Take a soothing bath. Add Epsom salts to sooth those aching muscles.
  4. Colouring is a stress free activity. I love adult colouring books, I can spend hours colouring in. It is so relaxing.
  5. Indulge in some home pampering – a face mask, foot soak, deep moisturising hair mask and your favourite scented candle (I’m loving the Yankee Candle Christmas Baking scent at the moment) whilst drinking a hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.
  6. Listen to your favourite music – it decreasing stress and improves mental well being.
  7. Contact a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s always great to nourish old friendships and reminisce about the past.  
  8. Start planning your next holiday. Take a break from the stress of Christmas and start browsing the web for the ideal holiday spot.
  9. Go for a relaxing walk – fresh air, exercise and nature are a winning combination.
  10. Watch a comedy movie or TV show that will let you forget the stresses of Christmas by laughing. Select something that makes you laugh out loud!
  11. Cuddle with a pet. I love snuggling with my cats whilst watching a movie and eating popcorn.
  12. Enjoy doing one of your hobbies: painting, crafts or knitting. You can spend some time looking on Pinterest for inspiration.

Merry Christmas!





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Ahmad Dessert Tea Giveaway


dessert-range-groupAhmed Dessert Teas are delicious and perfect for an afternoon sweet treat. I have a fantastic giveaway for my readers as Ahmad Tea, a leading British and internationally-recognised tea company, has just launched its new collection of Dessert Teas, inspired by sorbets, cakes and soufflés and you could win their full range of Dessert Teas.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is fill in the rafflecopter form below. Please note the competition is open to the UK only and ends 16/12/16 at 11:59pm, for full terms please see the rafflecopter application.

The teas are available in six different dessert inspired flavours, with three black tea varieties: Strawberry Velvet Cake, Pear & Cinnamon Strudel, Moroccan Orange Slice and three green tea varieties: Citrus & Mint Sorbet, Strawberry Basil Coulis and Mango & Lychee Soufflé. 

Moroccan Orange Slice

Inspired by the aromatic flavours of Morocco, this delicate balance of orange zest and cardamom spice delivers a warm and vibrant citrus flavour.


Strawberry Velvet Cake

Summer strawberries and silky vanilla come together in perfect harmony to deliver the taste of this classic English treat.


Pear & Cinnamon Strudel

Indulge in the delicious and warming combination of sweet pear, cinnamon and Ceylon & Assam teas.  Expertly brought together to create a truly exquisite recipe that is perfect for the approach into the colder months.


Mango & Lychee Soufflé

Escape to more exotic climes with this fusion of succulent mango and crisp lychee, gently infused with carefully chosen Chinese green teas to create a sweet and fresh aroma.


Strawberry & Basil Coulis

The subtle hint of basil brings to life the natural fruity sweetness of strawberry to create a truly delectable tasting tea.


Citrus Mint Sorbet

A zesty and refreshing recipe of lemon, mint and grapefruit which is as delicious iced as it is enjoyed hot.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

This new Dessert Tea collection is an indulgent sweet treat, it is also a guilt free as I don’t have to worry about the calories. My favourite tea is the Strawberry Velvet Cake – yummy!

With an RRP of £4.00 per pack, Ahmad Tea’s Dessert Teas are available from Ocado and

Good luck!

*This is a collaborative post.


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8 Things I Loved In November

8-things-i-loved-in-novemberNovember has been a challenging, tiring and expensive month. My fibromyalgia pain has been really bad since the change in the weather, however the fentanyl (morphine) patches that I’ve recently been prescribed are helping with the pain.

There have been a few disasters this month at home:

  • my bathroom radiator leaked and ruined the kitchen ceiling and one of the bedroom carpets
  • the central heating pump broke
  • Luna had an infection after her neutering operation and had to return to the vets three times (she’s well now)
  • Dante damaged the coffee table
  • Talia tore my lounge curtains
  • my laptop stopped charging
  • my laminator broke
  • my old microwave stopped working
  • the electric power shower broke

Thankfully, all have now been repaired or replaced  🙂 It’s not easy being a cat lover or a homeowner! 

I used to hate the short November days and dark nights but since I started practising mindfulness I’ve been living in the moment and appreciating the little things in my life.

Today I’m sharing with you the 8 things I loved in November:

1.My Purrfect Gift Box


Included in this month’s box were gifts to help me relax before the chaos of Christmas begins. I love the cat colouring book for mindfulness. Colouring for adults calms my mind, occupies my hands and replaces negative thoughts so that I am at peace. The cute handmade pencil case is great for my colouring pencils. I also love the Nancy & Nell candle, this gorgeous smelling Plum & Rhubarb scented candle with the personalised cat image was divine. Also included was the lavender scented handmade sachet with a cute cat design. What a great box of treats for any cat lover!

2. My new retro microwave. 


3. Working with my friend to sand and varnish my front door. Hours of work but worth it in the end.


4. I love hearing the leaves crunch beneath my feet.


5. My new butterfly cushion


6. My November BuddyBox.


November’s BuddyBox theme was Woodland Walks. In this month’s box was a cute hand warmer to keep my mitts lovely and toasty, a bear hug keyring, hot chocolate, an Autumn Night scented Yankee candle and a hedgehog cut and sew kit to snuggle up to. I love the quote in this month’s box, “Be patient with yourself, nothing in nature blooms all year.”

7. My cats stalking the new robot sweeper.


8. Bacon on homemade bread.


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Protect Yourself This Winter With ColdZyme® Mouth Spray

For those who live with Fibromyalgia, the symptoms of a cold virus are far more severe and last longer than those who don’t have fibro. Having a cold can also lead to a fibromyalgia flare. I feel fear and anxiety at the first sign of an oncoming cold, it feels like a mutant taking over my body as the pain and fatigue increases and I know I’m going to feel extremely ill. So, I was very excited when ColdZyme® sent me their mouth spray as it targets the cause of the cold (the cold virus), not just the symptoms. I can now protect myself this winter from cold and flu symptoms with the ColdZyme® mouth spray.protect-yourself-this-winter-with-coldzymeColdZyme® Mouth Spray

I love that the ColdZyme® Mouth Spray is easy to use, I just spray it into my throat and it begins working immediately by forming a protective barrier on the mucous membrane. The barrier acts osmotically on the cold viruses, trapping them and preventing them from binding with human cells, helping the body to remove them naturally.

ColdZyme® is suitable for use by adults and children from the ages of four and upwards. If you do not have any symptoms of a cold but are likely to be exposed to the cold virus, for example when someone near you has a cold, spray 2 puffs (1 dose) ColdZyme® into the throat every two hours up to 6 times a day while you are exposed to the cold virus.

Looming health risk for British grandparents posed by increased childcare duties

ColdZyme® Mouth Spray commissioned a new survey and I find the results very interesting. They found that there is a looming health risk for British grandparents posed by increased childcare duties. 48% of grandparents have caught colds from their grandchildren, who are particularly prone to picking up regular colds at nursery and school. A further four in ten have suffered more serious illness resulting from a cold, such as chest infections and pneumonia, indicating the knock-on effects colds can have on those with weaker immune systems.

The study of 1,000 grandparents with grandchildren under the age of 10, has revealed that over half of grandparents (52%) feel they have missed out on valuable time with their grandchildren due to the worry of catching a cold.

Dr Dawn Harper, spokesperson for ColdZyme® Mouth Spray, says “More grandparents are providing regular child care for their grandchildren while both parents have work commitments. Many of my patients who provide such care tell me that it’s a job they love, but one that often leaves them feeling exhausted. Fatigue can suppress the immune system, so it’s important that grandparents get a good night’s sleep.”

Catching colds is the cause of regular worry amongst one in five grandparents (21%), so much so that some grandparents reported deliberately avoiding spending time with their sick grandchildren. Many grandparents put their duties first, but 13% admitted to wishing they had missed a visit to protect themselves.

Cold concerns can be a source of tension within families as over one in five grandparents (21%) said they would be reluctant to babysit an ill grandchild whilst their parents were at work for fears of risking their own health. 19% of grandparents confessed to feeling annoyed that they are not warned when grandchildren are ill before visiting, and a further 28% felt that their grandchildren’s parents were too relaxed about the risks colds pose to them.

Dr Dawn Harper says, “My parents tell me that ‘grandparenting’ is their favourite hobby. They are lucky that they are both in good health with robust immune systems, but some grandparents are missing out on such magical moments. The older generation are more prone to infections due to weaker immune systems and when it comes to colds, there is no cure so prevention is the name of the game.”

 Dawn’s Top Tips:

  • Wash your hands regularly – contrary to popular belief, most coughs and colds are spread by hand contact not by coughs and sneezes, so simply keeping your hands clean will go a long way to protecting yourself.
  • Wash down surfaces and door handles – the viruses that cause colds can survive for several hours outside the human body.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables to keep your immune system in good shape. Vitamin C and zinc are vital for a healthy immune system. Zinc is found in red meat, beans and fortified cereals, whilst foods rich in vitamin C include fruits such as oranges and strawberries and vegetables such as peppers, kale and broccoli.
  • Make sure you get into a good sleep routine. When we sleep our immune system repairs itself, so chronic sleep deprivation can make you prone to infections.
  • Manage your stress levels. Try to prioritise and delegate where possible as stress can play havoc with your immune system.
  • Consider using anti-viral tissues and keep them in your bag if those around you have a cold to minimise the spread of the virus and make sure that tissues are put straight in the bin.
  • Use ColdZyme®, a revolutionary mouth spray which targets the cause of the common cold and is clinically documented to help reduce the duration of a cold.


The effect of ColdZyme® has been investigated in COLDPREV – a blinded, placebo-controlled study under advice from a UK expert in respiratory disease, Professor Sebastian Johnston from Imperial College, London. This study was conducted on 46 volunteers who were all infected with the most common virus that causes the common cold. Half of the volunteers received ColdZyme® the other half received a placebo product. The study showed that ColdZyme® reduced the virus load among infected by more than 99% compared with the placebo. Moreover, it was shown among those catching a cold, the duration of the symptoms was also reduced (from 6.5 days to 3 days).


ColdZyme® is available from Boots, Lloyd’s Pharmacy and independent pharmacies nationwide, with an RRP of £15.99 for a 20ml bottle (effective treatment for three colds, or fifty five doses), and £9.99 for a 7ml bottle, for protection on the go. 

*This is a collaborative post.


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