5 top tips for new bloggers

Wow! I’ve already been blogging for 6 months.  When I started I hoped a few friends and family would read my blog. I also wished others with Fibromyalgia would also visit and read as I write about life with chronic pain – I’m trying to raise awareness about this underfunded and often misunderstood invisible illness.  My life has changed but I am determined that this chronic pain condition will not beat me and even though I’m often in severe pain I have been setting myself little challenges like learning to bake, cook and I’ve even made my own soap, laundry powder and jam.  I enjoy learning new skills and working towards a goal; it keeps me motivated. I try to remain positive and my mantra is: ‘with pain comes strength’.  I’m discovering that I am stronger than I ever thought.


In the early days my friends and family gave me positive feedback on my blog and encouraged me to keep blogging, I kept sharing about my life with a chronic pain condition and my readers increased slowly – I promoted each blog post on Twitter (to 45 followers), Pinterest (1 follower!), on my Facebook private account and on a Fibromyalgia forum.  But I only promoted it once each time! Those lovely people who read my posts responded positively and I was starting to inspire other Fibromyalgia warriors to keep fighting and keep smiling.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the 1,000 visitors that returned each month.

I didn’t have a clue about the power of social media!


In September I joined a Facebook blogging group and I learned so much from other experienced bloggers.  In the past 7 weeks I’ve started promoting my blog posts more frequently on Twitter and my followers have increased to 1268!  I’m still getting the hang of Pinterest but I have increased my followers to 120. I joined Instagram and started posting pictures from my blog and pictures of my naughty cats and yummy food – I now have 1737 followers.  I also finally got around to creating a Facebook page a month ago.   And what effect has all of this promotion had on my blog? Well, my most popular post in September was ‘What do you know about Fibromyalgia?’, it had over 9000 views in one week.  My blog has grown in popularity since then.  I’ve been overwhelmed with the positive feedback I’ve received 🙂

But why am I happy about this growth in my readership?  My goal is to raise awareness about Fibromyalgia. We need the government and the health department to recognise Fibromyalgia for what it is, a debilitating life-changing illness and give more funding to help find a cure.  Fibromyalgia is an invisible illness, I may appear fine but it causes quite severe fatigue and severe pain. I’m also hoping to inspire others who live with chronic pain, I want to reach out and let them know that they are not alone in their battle.


So, what are my five top tips for new bloggers?

  1. Build a community of loyal readers. Write appealing and catchy blog titles, this will inspire people’s curiosity and attract them to your site.  Write about something you are passionate about, let your personality and passion shine through your posts. Ensure that you write meaningful blog posts that will resonate with your regular readers.  Encourage interaction wherever possible, talk directly to your readers and invite them to reply to your posts. Engage with them and always respond to their comments – let them know how much they mean to you.
  2. People love images, they add visual interest and help to break up text. Over the past month my food photos have improved. I have a better camera, I bought white plates to enhance the visual appeal of my food and I always try to include at least one close up image of the texture of the food.  I hope to continue improving and learn to edit.
  3. Social media is powerful. You need to develop a promotion plan and follow it with the same amount of intensity you poured into writing your blog post. Join Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and create a Facebook page.  Promote your blog regularly! EVERY DAY! I use Buffer to schedule my tweets – up to 10 a day.  And best of all Buffer is free! You can download the app and schedule your tweets whilst you’re out living your life. Spend time liking and commenting on photos on Instagram that you love.  I’m attracted to beautifully presented food, cute cats and mesmerising scenic views.  Oh and pretty flowers!  Include social media sharing buttons on your site, you want your regular readers to share your blog posts easily.  One of my blog posts was shared over 4,100 times on Facebook alone.  This has helped to raise further awareness about Fibromyalgia.
  4. Join a Facebook blogging group. Never underestimate the importance of networking with other bloggers.  There is a wonderful community of bloggers out there. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; ask questions, listen to advice and learn from more experienced bloggers.  Engage with other bloggers, visit their blogs, show them some love – retweet interesting blog posts, follow them on a variety of social media platforms and comment on their posts.  You might be asked to write a guest post on another blogging site, this is a wonderful feeling, a proud moment and it attracts new readers.
  5. And finally and most importantly – enjoy blogging. Stop worrying about stats. Work on creating great content and rewarding your regular readers. Have fun!


Thank you to all my readers. I hope you are gaining an understanding about what life is like for a Fibromyalgia warrior and if you do live with chronic pain please know that pain can change you but don’t let it define you. Use the love inside you to keep strong, to keep fighting and find some positivity in your life.

Keep smiling 🙂



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  1. Leslie says:

    You’ve got a lot of great tips here. I love joining groups, I have a lot of blogging groups on facebook & they are so much fun. Social media is a biggie, if no one knows your or there they can’t find you.

  2. Nathalie Sheridan says:

    Many congratulations Claire on your blogging achievements! I’m an artist working from home when I can – I’m undergoing tests at the moment and might have fibromyalgia as well as migraine and CRPS. It is so difficult to juggle pain, fatigue, home life and creative endeavours but you have done it!

  3. Well done Claire, you’ve done amazingly! You’ve gained me too. It is so hard to blog with Fibro yet I find it helps me focus and not give in to the damn illness. I started my blog about 8 months ago and am pleased it’s not doing too badly. I took about a month out, not getting anything up really as I had a hip replacement in May. I run a house, look after hubs and a dog, my blog and try and get through the constant pain and only fellow sufferers understand.
    Give yourself a (gentle) pat on the back. Here’s to more production and fighting!
    Heidi xx

  4. Being a new blogger myself I find this post very informative. You are also so inspirational to be turning your condition into something positive! Well done 😀 x

  5. Emily Rose says:

    Thanks for the great tips. I love my blogging groups on facebook!

  6. ahappyhomemaker says:

    I’m so sorry to hear you were struck with a chronic illness, too. I love your positive attitude though! I have chronic G.I. Problems. It no longer allows me to work outside the home. We have a lot in common, I also pour myself into activities I enjoy & try to stay positive. Thank you for the blogging tips! I’m so new to all of this & they are so helpful!

  7. Kristin says:

    Congrats!!! I’m just getting involved in the blogging groups but they seem to do wonders!

  8. Thank you so much for these great tips! I had no idea how important it was to be part of a community of bloggers, so I am looking for that! I am still figuring out the social media thing too. I appreciate you sharing the statistics of your followers, it was eye opening and inspiring to know how much growth is possible. Take care!

  9. I never heard of Buffer. I will have to look that up. Congrats on your blogging achievements. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  10. lynsire says:

    You sound so sweet from your writing style! Thank you for these tips and my favorite was the last one, just enjoy blogging! I agree! Thanks for sharing this :))

  11. Claire says:

    What a lovely blog post Claire I enjoy reading it. I have set up another page on my blog just for fibro to talk about it with my followers thought it was easier than setting up a new blog ☺️ You will have to let me know your page on fb so I can like it and promote it on mine for you too xxx

  12. Great tips! I definitely didn’t utilise social media to my advantage when I first started blogging and I really regret it now :/

  13. I blogged to the sound of crickets (i.e., no one) until a writer friend told me about blogging challenges. That led to me discovering social media. I’ve shared this on three platforms – great advice and a great story. My mother had RA back in the 1960’s when there was nothing that could be done for it.

  14. Coupon Diva (@RealCouponDiva) says:

    i coulda used these tips when i started blogging a few years ago 😀

  15. Olfa Turki says:

    Six months and you’re already doing well. Yay for that. I admire you for sharing your journey with us and for having a positive attitude towards it.

  16. Glad to know about your achievements Claire! I wish the best comes your way
    And thank you for sharing your helpful tips for new bloggers
    Have a good day!:)

  17. I agree, these are all good tips to spreading awareness about something that you can personally share with others. Creating an outlet and a resource for others who can relate is definitely important and it seems you’ve found your niche with a supportive community who appreciates what you do. 🙂 That’s success to me.

  18. I love these tips! These are all things I did as a newbie blogger and things I still do 5 years later 🙂

  19. Tori Gabriel says:

    These are great tips even if you’re not a “new” blogger! As you know, I l9ve your blog. Well done for raising awareness about something serious but still making it a fun and interesting read.

  20. logancan says:

    Facebook groups have been a game changer for me! They have helped so much! I had settled into a slump and wasn’t growing anymore and they drastically changed that. Great tips!

  21. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    These are awesome tips. FB groups are AWESOME!

  22. Jill says:

    Your words are inspiring! I started my blog on a whim about a year ago and hit a wall about 7 months ago. I’ve just started to get back into it and I’m accepting that as I learn social media, I can grow. That I don’t need to KNOW it before I use it. As far as your blog, I look forward to reading more. My sister has Fibromyalgia as well as a good friend. I’m always looking for ways to understand.

    • Social media is so important to get your words out there to your audience, I’m still learning but it’s fun 🙂 I’m sure your sister and friend will appreciate your efforts to understand Fibromyalgia x

  23. Sargas says:

    This is what I really need. I have been planning for this few months to start my own blog but I really don’t know how. Thank you so much for this very informative ideas. Very helpful

  24. Great tips. I have been doing the promotion thing for a month now…growing slowly, but steady…:)


  25. ascendingbutterfly says:

    Did you create the purple butterfly graphic or is that an official Fibromyalgia logo? I am obsessed with all things Butterflies, I had no idea in 2009 that my obsession with butterflies and ability to motivate as a life coach would become a successful blog either, it was just the joy of it in the beginning and it built into a ‘brand’. Keep going!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    • The butterfly is a symbol used for Fibromyalgia awareness. Just when the caterpillar thought its life was over it turned into a butterfly. It’s a positive symbol 🙂 I chose this one that I found on the internet and I edited it for my use. x

  26. carinharris says:

    Awesome! Congratulations on your success. I work at promoting my blog daily – it’s not an easy or random thing to do if you want it to work. Looks like you are well on your way to becoming an expert! Great tips here.

  27. tara pittman says:

    Congrats! Blogging is work but a whole lot of fun.

  28. Rachel says:

    The power of social media is huge and it is even bigger now than when I started blogging just 2 years ago x

  29. cuteheads says:

    Definitely some great tips for beginners! Supporting others is so important, if you want to receive support back!

  30. michelle says:

    My best friend just found out that she has fibromyalgia and I will be sharing this blog with her! Best of luck

  31. Welcome to the blogosphere! These are excellent tips and I wish you much enjoyment as you continue your journey!

  32. Great tips here. Social media is very powerful. I would be lost without it.

  33. Sarah Bailey says:

    These are some great tips for bloggers new and old I think 🙂 x

  34. Great post and tips – you are doing really well. Social media is amazing, I love it. Kaz x

  35. Great advice! Thanks for sharing some great tips for everyone!

  36. TheLondonMum says:

    Great tips, and I’m glad to see your blog is doing so well. Any blog that helps create awareness of an issue is great and the flowers are well deserved!

  37. Adi says:

    Those were some good tips. I have found joining FB groups particularly helpful. Thanks for the great article.

  38. Daniella says:

    Well done on 6 months of blogging. I’m so please that your blog is doing well and I agree that social media is incredibly powerful.

  39. My favorite is your last tip. You have to love blogging to be able to do it. Stats can be bad for absolutely no known reason, but you have to keep doing it!

  40. Jordan Daniel says:

    These are such great tips! I hadn’t thought to add the images in as a way to break up the text. will definitely have to try that soon!

  41. Ana De Jesus says:

    Well done hun I am so pleased for you, you deserve every success that you can get because you are an inspiration to us all. I can’t believe how quickly your blog has grown that is amazing what are your top tips?

  42. foodmarriage says:

    I’ve been blogging for 4 years and only JUST joined a blogging online community (shout out to all of the Bloggers Get social members out there!) I wish I had read a post like this back in the beginning 🙂

  43. mya.k says:

    These are such good tips i’m going to have to tell my mom some of them.

  44. Thanks for the great tips – I’m new -started in July. This helped!

  45. jvkom says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’ve been blogging for 7 years and just last year joined groups. Community is so so huge! The blogosphere can be a very lonely place without community.

  46. Brilliant tips, I think they’ll be really handy for someone starting out! xxxx

  47. Mar says:

    I totally agree that people love images! I also learned from blogging that creating good visual content can be harder sometimes than written content! Agh!

  48. Five great tips for new bloggers. Old bloggers can be reminded too

  49. Debra says:

    Social media is so important! Thank you for sharing your tips!

  50. Tip 3 is a great one. I have been blogging since 2008 and just now starting to promote myself more in the past year. Amazing the difference in my blog now!

  51. Tina says:

    Claire, these are some great tips. I have a couple friends with fibromyalgia and you are right that the awareness needs to be raised on this issue. The power of social media is amazing. Best, Tina

  52. just1mommysopinion says:

    Love this! I’m somewhat new to blogging as well and I agree with all your tips! I love my Facebook support groups 😊 and congrats on the numbers! Looking great 👍🏻

  53. Congratulations on all your accomplishments! You are living proof that nothing needs to stop us from doing what we need to do. 🙂

  54. Thankyou for the tips, its really great and helpful to the new bloggers. It is very useful to me as well, Im a blogger. So thankful for the tips.

  55. Liz Mays says:

    Your passion for your blog’s mission is what’s coming through and bringing readers back again and again. Yay for you!

  56. Such a great tips for new blogger like me. I love to learn a new things for blogging

  57. Elizabeth O. says:

    I think it’s awesome that you’re such a positive person. It helps a lot when you’re going through something. It’s good to know that you are doing okay and that you’re fighting. Those are awesome tips for new bloggers too!

  58. Very useful tips.. I’ve been blogging for more than 5 years and still learning 🙂

  59. Such great tips shared and these are really helpful for me too!! Loved this post!!

  60. R U S S says:

    This is a great list you’ve put together. A lot of new bloggers will appreciate this. I can’t stress enough on the importance of including images in blog posts – they do make posts more enticing. I have been blogging since 2003 and I’ve seen how images ( and good ones at that ) work for me.

  61. Lexie Lane says:

    Such a wonderful tips, I have a few friends that need your smart tips.

  62. These are really great tips, congrats on your mini blogoversary!

  63. AlmostSexyMommy says:

    Congrats on 6 months, and for what you’re doing to increase Fibromyalgia awareness. It’s my 6 month blogaversary too 🙂

  64. Esme Sy says:

    Always stay positive and always keep fighting! You’re such a lovely person, thanks for sharing your experience.

  65. Stephanie says:

    Great tips — there is always something new to learn when it comes to blogging. Congrats on reaching a milestone!

  66. Yes there are so many fantastic tools that can help and lots of hard work.

  67. Scraps says:

    Congratulations on growing your numbers so well in only 6 months! I’m still hammering out my social media sharing, but I agree, blogging groups are a great boost!

  68. I remember in my early days of blogging it was so scary and fun and I started a Newbie Bloggers group. We had a blast, but we each slowly outgrew the group and someone newer than me took it over. I wonder sometimes if that group is still around.

  69. Chanelle says:

    Love all of your tips. I am new to blogging so they are very helpful.

  70. OhlalaLexie says:

    Great tips my dear! And congrats on your 6 months of blogging!! :*

  71. Yes to all of these tips! Build a community and comment on other’s pages. All great advice here. Good luck in your journey!

  72. Shann says:

    Great job with your blog, and such great tips. I also try to raise awareness for premature birth.

  73. Blanca says:

    Congratulations on your 6 month anniversary!!! Great tips 🙂

  74. These are some great tips! Congrats on 6 months. So glad we found each other in a blogging network!

  75. These are great tips!!! I learned really quickly that my readers were all
    About pictures…. I feel the more pictures I have the more comments I get! People are visual that’s for sure!

  76. I’m sorry you have to live with chronic pain. You are an inspiration. On the upside, your blogging tips are great. I like #1 the best. Blogging Friends are so important. They really know what to say at the right time.

  77. Susannah says:

    These are some REALLY great tips!!!

  78. QueenThrifty says:

    Awesome tips Claire I love visting your blog

  79. Beth@FrugalFroggie says:

    Great tips!! Definitely helpful.

  80. Angie@chasingmyhalo says:

    Wow! Congrats on your rapid social media growth! I’m especially impressed with your Insta numbers! It just shows when your are passionate about a specific niche like that,they will come!

  81. These are absolutely fabulous tips! I wish I would have learned those when I started!

  82. Wow, firstly I had no idea you had only been blogging 6 months. Well done on your Instagram, that’s amazing and great tips here for newbies too. I agree with them all

  83. livingoffloveandcoffee says:

    The images one is a very good tip! I wish I had known about improving my images earlier.

  84. kleebanks says:

    Excellent post and I’m glad you persevered! I agree with your tips. I don’t suffer from fibromyalgia, but I know some who do. I have other health challenges, though, so I empathize with those who suffer and appreciate that you’re blogging for a cause like this.

  85. Congrats on hitting a lot of milestones. I agree about the images; they play an important role in maintaining a reader’s interest in what you have to say. I know that I am less inclined to read a post without an image.

  86. Pearliza Paguio says:

    This can’t be any truer. ^_^ I started my blog as a simple hobby and didn’t know the potential of social media. I think i’m on the right track now. Been able to attend different events, got some stuffs and was able to meet different people.

  87. Love these tips. I have been blogging more seriously for 4 months and have loved the Facebook blogger groups too. x

  88. Great tips and advice. I’ve been a blogger for a few years and I still resort back to beginner information. 🙂

  89. Erika Ashley (@erikaislittle) says:

    Chronic pain can be tough to deal with but your story is great.

  90. I definitely agree with your tips! There is so much more to blogging than people think/

  91. Hi Claire, totally agree that it’s tough blogging with Fibro. I feel I’ve come along way since breaking down a lot several years ago..glad I started my blog and like you, find some strengths within. It’s not about giving in, it’s about turning that page! Congrats on doing so well
    Heidi x

  92. Rachel says:

    Well done on hitting the 6 month milestone, yay and hopefully it will soon be the year and then tow years and so on x

  93. SingleRheum says:

    Thanks for the tips! As a fairly new blogger (around 8 months) I still have a lot today learn, and it’s always useful to see posts like these. I really enjoy writing and I’ve had some great feedback, it’s made me realise I need to start taking a more proactive approach. I really want to share my experiences of RA with others, raising awareness was always my goal. Congratulations on the success of your blog xx

  94. Thanks for the advice, I love reading your blog and your right about visuals, I love your food and baking blogs. I’ve been blogging since before Christmas and no one reads mine lol, keep going and pushing awareness for us Fibro sufferers x

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