A Prescription For Self-care

At the moment I’m going through a challenging time – I’m in a lot of pain from my Fibromyalgia and I’m physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted.  I need to prioritise self-care. I struggle to do this – it’s easy to say, “Just take better care of yourself, relax and stop worrying,” but when you lead a busy life, self-care is so often an afterthought and stress makes me feel as if I am lacking – as if I’m not good enough somehow and it all feels like too much.

A prescription for self-care

I need a prescription for self-care!

I’m taking the time now to look after myself, to recover, to restore my self-esteem and to make sure I’m at my optimum – emotionally, physically, and mentally.

I’ve written down some ideas for self-care that might help me and might help you too:

  • Ask for help from whoever you need it – your boss, your doctor, your partner, your friends, your family – let people know you need some help.help-1311144-1920x1440
  • Go outside and enjoy the sunshine.  Listen to the birds, watch the bees flying about and admire the colourful flowers.
  • Enjoy a home spa day – indulge in a face mask, paint your nails, pamper yourself.
  • Treat yourself to your favourite perfume or candle. Buy a small luxury as a way of valuing yourself.
  • Keep hydrated. Have you had enough water today?
  • Eat something nutritious and healthy instead of snacking on chocolate and crisps. milkshake-1021027
  • Take a long hot bath, light a candle, and listen to your favourite music.
  • Slather your skin with wonderfully scented moisturiser.
  • Go to bed early with a good book, slip into clean sheets and relax.
  • Bake a cake for those wonderful friends in your life.
  • Visit a museum or gallery that you’ve never been to before.
  • Take a break from technology. Free yourself from the constant demands of social media and email.
  • Enjoy a sunrise and sunset in a different place. ulsan-442399_1920
  • Write down your thoughts, vent and let it all out.
  • Watch a light-hearted TV show or movie.
  • Enjoy cloud-watching, lie down and relax.
  • Write a list of all the positives in your life.
  • Buy a bouquet of flowers to brighten up your house.  tulip-1230390_1920
  • Listen to songs that remind you of happier times.
  • Spend time colouring, there are lots of adult colouring books to help you relax.
  • Declutter – tidying up can be calming.
  • Practise relaxation techniques. Meditate. There are lots of meditation apps to choose from. I love listening to sounds of nature or animals.
  • Spend a little money and treat yourself to some self-care – a manicure, a pedicure, a new haircut.
  • Learn a new craft – knitting, drawing or sewing. knitting-748168_1920
  • Accept help and comfort when offered.
  • Remember that what you are feeling is temporary.  You will get through this.
  • Develop a relaxing night time ritual to help you sleep.
  • Soften expectations of yourself – tell yourself that you’re doing the best you can.
  • Indulge in your favourite comfort food.
  • Read stories of people who overcame adversity.  They may inspire you.
  • Binge watch a series on Netflix.  I love Modern Family or Orange is the New Black.
  • Read inspirational quotes.
    If you’re going through hell, keep going.  (Winston Churchill)
  • Get out and about, even when you feel like you can’t.
  • Snuggle with your pet or partner, watch a movie, and eat some popcorn.
  • Go to the seaside, take a walk on the beach. sand-1232767_1920
  • Tend to the plants in your garden, nourish them and watch them respond.
  • Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in a coffee shop – take a moment to people watch.

What self-care ideas can you share with us? What has brought you relief and comfort when going through life’s tough times?

Keep smiling through the tears 🙂


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73 Responses to A Prescription For Self-care

  1. Nathalie Sheridan says:

    Sorry to hear you’re struggling right now Claire, wish you lots of low pain days ahead. Thanks for sharing your very useful self care ideas x

  2. Lyn says:

    My self care is the stop and release technique. I stop what I’m doing, release the pain (or rather tension linked to it) through breathing in for 7 and out for 11 technique (slowly as possible) and if I can, lie down semi supine for at least 5 minutes. I’m doing it right now ,in fact. Hope tomorrow is better for you!

  3. Penny Sharp says:

    I was thinking 😔 she can obviously move and get out and do more than I can, then I thought that is rubbish, you have a car, and even if you don’t feel up to driving you have a very willing husband. I don’t like asking but he is very willing. I would really like to get out more and feel stir crazy a lot of the time. Claire, you have your head much more sorted out so I will try to use some of your pointers. Thanks xxx

  4. I need this same prescription 🙂 These are great ideas and beautiful pictures. I’m feeling better already!

  5. BluKatDesign says:

    Great tips, but it is so hard to ask for help!

  6. Ana De Jesus says:

    I want to begin meditation because I think it might help me relax more and de-stress. I think a good read and some good music can help too.

  7. StressedMum says:

    A so sorry you are having a bad time at the moment, there are some great tips here, and some I use some of these tips on my Daughter, and am a firm believer of trying to get out into the fresh air. I hope you start to have better days soon x

  8. Life as Mum says:

    Sorry you are having a tough time at the moment lovely. A great list of things to do

  9. There are some lovely ideas there. I need to stop neglecting myself and take more time to look after myself too.

  10. Jude Dunn says:

    I’m about to start a Yoga class to help with my Insomnia and Anxiety and I am starting to think of ‘me’ more now, hope you feel better soon x

  11. Alfonzowords says:

    Great post! I wish you well with your recovery.

  12. My prescription for a self-care – travel alone. This really makes you know yourself more.

  13. ashleycablog says:

    I love your thoughts on self care, I need to focus on that myself when I get stressed.

  14. Elizabeth O. says:

    It’s definitely important to take good care of ourselves. It’s one of the best things you can do to be content and happy with your life. I love these ideas and I will totally recommend them!

  15. I am a giver, I am also the one that does for everyone. So I really need to take a me day.

  16. Girl Out-of-Bounds says:

    Hydration, hot scented bath and a book in a freshly made bed are my go-to’s for self care. I like some of your other tips as well. Hope you start to feel a bit better!

  17. Some fabulous ideas for self care and so important! I always try and make a little time for myself X

    Miss Kitty Kaos – Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

  18. Nicole says:

    You’ve got a lot of self-care ideas, my favorite is to keep hydrated! Just kidding, I love going out alone whenever I need a self-care time.

  19. Such a lovely list. I’m currently waiting on a transplant so I have good and bad days. Taking time to look after/feel good about yourself is so important.

  20. thingssarahloves says:

    I’m currently waiting on a transplant so I have good and bad days. I found your list really useful because it’s so important to do everything you can to stay strong and happy.

  21. Sorry your not feeling your best at the moment! Try and take it easy (as much as you can) xx

  22. I’m sorry to hear what you are going through my sister also suffers from Fybromyalgia. I will be showing her this post as it will help her loads. Thank you for sharing this.

  23. So sorry to hear you’re having such a tough time at the moment, really hope you feel better soon! You’ve got some great tips here. The only other thing I can think of is writing things down that you’ve done each day, like talking to a friend on the phone, going for a walk etc then when you’re feeling very down you can look and see that you do have people around you and that you do do things each day (it’s harder to de-value yourself when it’s written there in black and white) x

  24. I could use a prescription as well! I definitely don’t devote enough time to ME!

  25. Rachel says:

    I am sorry to hear that you are struggling Claire and I do hope you feel much better soon, this is such a handy list you have here x

  26. Anosa says:

    I am loving this post, I chose to make may my self care month and I have been doing a few of these.

  27. Lynette says:

    Good tips 🙂 I always make myself think about the good in any situation and try not to worry about the future. I use lavender oil as a way to relax and distract my brain from negatives. Hope you feel better soon.

  28. what a nice post, I went on a 24 hours countryside the other week to relax and actually hear my own thoughts for a change! I felt great when I got back to he big smoke. R

  29. Struggling is hard. I have a self-care prescription myself this year!

  30. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops says:

    I am so sorry to hear that you a struggling right now. I loved reading this, I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I am trying to cope with having a bad time of that and coming to terms with the fact that what I have is not going to get better and go away – feels like it’s a lot to wrap my head around. So thank you for sharing this – it’s going to help me keep positive when things seem a bit dark.

  31. I use pretty much all of those techniques regularly, and they really do work! I don’t have Fibro (my Mum does – she finds relief in sewing and fabric crafts), but I do have a rare and painful genetic eye disorder that leaves me very sore and irritable much of the time. Great to meet you, by the way! 🙂

  32. Laura Haley says:

    Sorry to hear you’re struggling. It’s always good to make time for self care. I like to do my nails and also sit and colour in my mindfulness colouring books.

  33. This is such a good post. I’m sorry to hear you have been in a lot of pain, I have a few chronic illnesses including RA and I’ve been in a fair bit of pain too. I find going for a walk helps – depending on how bad the pain is and I love colouring, writing and spending time with my pets 🙂

  34. Charli Bruce says:

    This is such a good post, I live in chronic pain but with my head and some of these are great for me too. I’m really sorry that you’re having a bad time right now, I hope everything starts to get a bit more manageable soon xx

  35. Amer Phils says:

    Wow! Everything sounds “pampering” to me.If I could accomplish 5 of those, I’ll be very happy.

  36. These are really good tips and some I haven definetly done myself when I’ve needed to lift myself up. You have to believe in yourself though and sometimes trust that you can bring yourself out of a mood, you don’t always need someone else to do it. I tell myself that im in control of my own life.

  37. Self care is so important! I’ve made it a point lately to spoil myself and make time for me. When I’m happy, everyone around me is happy too 😉

  38. Self-care is something I really need to improve on. You have listed so many great ideas here. One that seems to stand out the most is taking a relaxing bath. Nowadays I seem to only have showers which I usually have to rush through. I miss having baths. I will have to try this at night after my boys sleep.

  39. Stephen says:

    For me it is a long walk, just get up and go, headphones in and walk it out.

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