Indulgent banana mousse with butterscotch ripple

Mousse is the perfect dessert for entertaining because it can be made in advance.  Gordon Ramsay’s banana mousse with butterscotch ripple will impress your guests this Christmas as it is luscious and indulgent.

and this one


100g light brown sugar

40g unsalted butter

550ml chilled double cream

4 large ripe bananas, ideally chilled in the freezer for 1-2 hours

1 squeeze lemon juice

1 bar dark chocolate, for grating


  • In a pan combine the butter, sugar and 150ml of the cream, cook over a medium heat until the sugar is dissolved and the butter melted, ensure that you stir it continuously. Let it to bubble for two minutes whilst stirring frequently.  Remove from the heat and allow the butterscotch sauce to completely cool down.
  • Pour the rest of the cream into a blender and add the peeled and chopped bananas.  Add a squeeze of lemon juice and then blend until it is thick and creamy.
  • Using a teaspoon, smudge a little of the butterscotch sauce around the sides of your dessert glasses. Pour the banana mousse into the glasses and add more butterscotch to the top of each dessert, use a teaspoon to ripple the butterscotch through the mousse and grate some dark chocolate over it.
  • Chill your desserts until ready to serve your guests this Christmas.

this one

Wow! Such a simple but scrumptious dessert.

Keep smiling 🙂



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61 Responses to Indulgent banana mousse with butterscotch ripple

  1. Stressed Mum says:

    I love butterscotch, this sounds like my ideal dessert, am going to be making this 🙂

  2. Kathryn says:

    Yum! This looks so delicious! I love butterscotch. Such a festive way to display it too!

  3. Zara says:

    Oh yes Butterscotch!! Yummy! You always have such tasty sounding recipes!! x

  4. Is butterscotch that easy to make? I feel a fool for missing out for so long!

  5. This sounds Devine Book marking to make soon

  6. Looks amazing! I will say one of my best buys of 2015 was a yonana machine. Basically gives you banana icecream without the work of mixing. Just throw your bananas in the freezer then into the machine. BOOM fat free icecream!

  7. tara pittman says:

    Bananas and butterscotch are a great flavor combination. Love to try this.

  8. Elizabeth O. says:

    It looks really indulging, you weren’t kidding about that part. Thanks for the recipe, it’s really perfect for the coming days! And it’s so easy to do as well. Love it!

  9. I really want to try these. My son was a huge fan of butterscotch

  10. Ochalina says:

    Hmm..yumm…I might turn this recipe into an ice cream recipe

  11. Ana De-Jesus says:

    This really is quite the indulgent mousse. I have never tried banana mousse but it sounds delicious.

  12. TheLondonMum says:

    two of my favourite flavours- and it looks really simple to make. I usually just grab an angel delight packet, but making it myself would be so much more exciting!

  13. Rachel says:

    This sounds like my absolute idea of heaven and it looks pretty amazing x

  14. Heather says:

    I love butterscotch! This looks amazing. I haven’t heard of banana mousse before. I think that I might have to try it, we always have bananas available around the house 🙂

  15. Camilla @FabFood4All says:

    This sounds like a dessert my family would love and as you say mousse is a great dessert to prepare ahead:-)

  16. Roxanne says:

    This looks heavenly!! And, easy to make too!

  17. Tori Gabriel says:

    Ooohhh, this sounds really yummy! I need to make this over Christmas. Pinning!

  18. Our Family World says:

    Mm, that look soooo good! I love that this looks easy to make. I’ve got to try this.

  19. Sharing this with my friend who loves to try new recipes! This look really yummy!

  20. This recipe looks amazing and tasty! I love banana!

  21. Ooh this sounds and looks most delicious!x

  22. michelle says:

    yes! this looks so great that i’m nodding my head like yes yes i’ll have some of that

  23. Claire, this sounds fabulous. I love butterscotch and banana, but I would never think to put the two together. This is a definite must try for me!

  24. Oh Claire, I love this. Going to try making it with the husband for Christmas.

  25. Renna says:

    Thanks for sharing Claire, this sounds like an absolute treat.

  26. Catstello says:

    Oh I was looking for a Christmas dessert for when we entertain family, this just might be it!

  27. This looks lovely! And sounds so simple to make, it’s exactly the kind of recipe I’ll need on hand for the busy Christmas period. Thank you! x

  28. Debra says:

    This sounds so absolutely amazing! I am a huge butterscotch fan. I could just put it on everything.

  29. Susannah says:

    This sounds SO good! I absolutely love butterscotch and would totally make this!

  30. Kara says:

    I adore butterscotch so have to have a go at making this

  31. Fuss Free Helen says:

    Simple, but oh so effective and delicious! One to try!

  32. Super yum…I love butterscotch!

  33. Yum yum yum!!! I love butterscotch with banana–it’s one of my favorite flavor combos out there and I can never get enough of it. Can’t wait to try your recipe!

  34. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    That sounds amazing! Butterscotch is one of my all time favorites.

  35. OMG this looks SO yummy!! I love banana and butterscotch flavours xxx

  36. korean doll says:

    This looks absolutely scrumptious and delicious! Thank you for sharing.

  37. Donah @ SweetJellyBean says:

    Claire, you have me drooling here! This looks so delicious and would love to have one right about now! I love banana and add butterscotch to that, that’s just perfection!

  38. My husband really likes butterscotch. I bet he would love this. Perhaps a new year treat. 🙂

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