Morlands – Indulgent Pampering For Your Feet

During a flare of foot pain the bottoms of my feet feel like they are on fire. This pain comes and goes, sometimes lasting for months. Foot pain can limit my mobility and cause me intense discomfort. I’m almost dragging my feet, sometimes when I get home I soak my feet in cold water and Epsom salts. Comfortable footwear is a must for those with fibromyalgia.

Our homes are the places where we seek comfort and relaxation, it’s great to slip into a comfortable pair of slippers.  Morlands’ range of real sheepskin slippers provide both warmth and comfort, they are made using the finest materials. Their footwear includes a variety of styles, from the traditional to the contemporary, in a range of sizes and colours. You can easily find a pair of slippers that you love. Combining expert craftsmanship and timeless design, their heritage collection of slippers is made using the highest quality materials that exudes luxury and comfort.

Morlands slipper collection

Morlands’ Unique Heritage

Morlands have a unique heritage spanning nearly 150 years, and their core principles and legacy remain to this very day. They take exceptional care in producing their renowned products, and the selection of their natural skins. Their signature sheepskin is exceptionally soft in texture, to ensure an everyday luxurious experience, whilst maintaining unique properties allowing breathable moisture-wicking warmth and comfort.

Sheepskin Ballerina Slippers

Morlands sheepskin ballerina slippers

I was delighted when Morlands asked me to review one of their products. I chose the stylish Sheepskin Ballerina slippers; they have taken the traditional pump silhouette and given it a winterised update with the Morlands’ signature sheepskin lining. My ballerina slippers are made from luxury suede and have cute little bows. I love that they are handcrafted using the ‘Morlands turn-slipper’ method; they offer an unparalleled level of lightweight comfort for indulgent pampering. With a slightly elevated suede sole featuring a half-inch heel, my slippers combine true cosiness with well-balanced style. They are perfect for keeping my feet warm this winter – they are soft, cushion-like and offer elegance, comfort and style. They really help me when I have a nasty flare of foot hypersensitivity.

Morlands’ Sheepskin Boots

Morlands sheepskin boots

Wearing uncomfortable footwear can have a terrible effect on our personal well-being, body and health. Bad footwear will eventually give your feet bunions, blisters, corns and calluses.  Your body will also try to compensate for the discomfort by re-adjusting itself and so puts unnecessary pressure on joints, knees, ankles and hips. Comfort is one of the most important features when choosing the right footwear – happy feet make the day less exhausting and help you to stay on your feet for longer. Not only do Morlands offer a choice of luxury slippers, they also have a selection of beautifully hand-crafted boots that are made using the highest quality materials, and lined with Morlands’ signature sheepskin. Their collection of sheepskin boots is luxurious and elegant and they promise everyday comfort and durability.

So, if you are looking for indulgent pampering for your feet, I highly recommend Morlands’ slippers and boots.

*This is a collaborative post.


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30 Responses to Morlands – Indulgent Pampering For Your Feet

  1. Georgina says:

    omg those slippers look so comfy! I just threw out my old pair so I definitely need some new ones for this year!

  2. Miracle Max says:

    Sorry to hear you suffer so badly with your feet. I love the leopard print slippers, my kind of style. Jo x

  3. Erin Ek Rush says:

    Those sound lovely. I love sheepskin slippers, they do feel so comfortable! I love that the company has been around so long as well!

  4. Rachel says:

    I am liking the look of those Sheepskin slippers, I definitely need some new ones to keep my feet warm x

  5. Louise says:

    I really like these slippers – they actually look stylish and vintage too, as well as comfortable. I really need a new pair of slippers so will look into getting a pair of these x

  6. Jodie says:

    My feet are always really sore, so comfy shoes are the way to go. These look lovely too!

  7. These look so comfortable, I definitely think that when we’re at home comfort is the sole reason we should wear anything x

  8. These look very comfortable slippers for the autumn and winter month! might just have to treat myself 🙂

  9. I saw this post on Twitter the other day. Lovely brand.

  10. Jessica McDonnell says:

    Those slippers look so comfy. My rheumatologist is always trying to get me to buy more comfortable shoes – I will definitely look into this brand.

  11. nicol says:

    i can imagine how soft they are! these are the reason i can’t wait for the weather to get colder

  12. Tara says:

    Wow these just look like an absolute dream! I want some

  13. francesca says:

    The slippers look so bloody comfortable!! I love the furry cosiness inside these would make great gifts!

  14. I have some boots from Morlands and they are gorgeous. Their products are great quality.

  15. Oh those slippers look so good! I currently don’t have a pair as mine got ruined, and these look a perfect option x

  16. Hannah says:

    I need a new pair of slippers so might have to look at these!

  17. The slippers look so cosy. I’ve got my eye on the leopard print ones for sure! x

  18. Lyndsey says:

    I always get sore feet at work too so I know how you feel so glad your getting some comfort!

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