What would you put in your Fibromyalgia cuddle basket?

This week has been a challenging one – I’ve been physically, emotionally and mentally drained. My pain levels were high, my fatigue severe and I could only focus on my flaws.  I lost my ability to smile.  Talking to friends really helped me, they listened and offered advice and hugs.  Thank you, I am blessed.


It got me thinking – what’s a life with no joy, positivity or self-appreciation? Sometimes we get lost in our health problems, in pleasing others, money worries, work demands and family and relationship issues, we often forget about those things in life that make us happy.

Spending time being good to yourself might help you discover a more positive, peaceful and happy you.


It’s important for our health and well-being to take time out to relax, taking time out for yourself is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.  Focusing on putting others first in your life often leads to you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and tired. Giving yourself some time alone can destress and revitalize you. Being in constant pain and feeling fatigued is a challenge and sometimes Fibromyalgia fighters need a ‘cuddle’ day/evening/hour – that time when you need to retreat from the world, take care of yourself and recharge your batteries until you are ready to re-emerge and fight again.

A friend of mine, Lyndsey, has chronic back pain, this morning we talked and giggled about what we would put in our chronic pain cheer up kit, we eventually called it our ‘cuddle basket’.

I was inspired by our chat and in preparation for any future much needed cuddle time I fetched an unused basket from storage and filled it with my cheer up kit.  Here is my overflowing Fibromyalgia cuddle basket…

2015-10-11 14.03.58

  • Kindle
  • Chocolate
  • Scented candle
  • Comfy blanket
  • Tea tree face mask
  • A good movie
  • Family photos
  • Sanctuary body lotion
  • Lavender pillow mist
  • Coffee
  • Homemade lemon scrub
  • My favourite perfume: Gucci Guilty
  • Art therapy colouring book
  • Comfy PJs
  • Clinique liquid facial soap
  • Homemade foot scrub
  • Sleep balm
  • Homemade soap
  • DVD boxset
  • Sensuous body scrub
  • Microwave wheat bag – my owl
  • Hot chocolate
  • Jellies
  • Thick comfy socks
  • Deep repair for my hair
  • Heating oil treatment for my hair
  • Strawberry and raspberry herbal tea
  • Satsuma body mist
  • Fragrance oils for my aroma diffuser and humidifier (I love Satsuma and also sandalwood and ginger)

2015-10-11 14.04.23

As you can see I’m more than ready for some cuddle time.

2015-10-11 14.04.53

What would you put in your cuddle basket?

Keep smiling 🙂



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114 Responses to What would you put in your Fibromyalgia cuddle basket?

  1. Brittany says:

    What an adorable idea. Wishing you the best of happiness and health!

  2. jeany says:

    Lovely idea ! Much the same as my cuddle basket would be, but I would have to have my newly acquired electric under blanket. It relaxes me and the warmth is amazing for helping to lull me into sleep. Pure bliss ahhhhhh!!!!!!
    PS Maltesers or so comforting & yummy !

  3. Fuss Free Helen says:

    I love the idea of a cuddle basket. Mine would have some lovely Liz Earle products and some good quality dark chocolate.

  4. What a lovely idea!! I would probably put little pot with succulent as I love looking at plants and needle felting set… shaping wool with a needle relaxes me a lot 😉

  5. Caroline says:

    Sorry you have had such a rough week. It’s nearly half term so hopefully you get a chance to use that delightful cuddle basket and recharge your battery! Just looking at your basket makes me smile😀 great idea x
    I would add sheepskin slippers!

  6. I love the idea of a Fibro cuddle basket! Filling it up with some favorite things and ways to make yourself feel a little bit better is such a nice boost. This is a great idea for friends who are battling any kind of chronic pain!

  7. sopsychedout says:

    Thanks for mentioning our chat and idea and I’m glad that they helped you! In my cuddle basket, I would put:

    1. A big galaxy bar.
    2. my iPad
    3. My 3DS and fave games.
    4. A pack of Morrisons/M&S choc chips cookies.
    5. My fave Lush bath bombs.
    6. My family (so I can hug them gently when in pain).
    7. My Alexandra technique teacher (so that she can get rid of what’s left of my pain when the spasms pass and because she makes me laugh).
    8. Photos of cute dogs and cats.
    9. A photo of the seaside.
    10. My thick fleeces (to snuggle up in).
    11. You (or print outs of your blog).
    12. My they think it’s all over dvd.
    13. My fave book.
    14. My loom band kit.

  8. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops says:

    Sorry to hear you have had a tough week, That looks like an amazing basket. I think I would have kindle, chocolate, my husband (for foot massages) more chocolate, and a colouring book and pencils. And probably a lot more things too

  9. Suzanne says:

    You had me at Miranda!😄

  10. Love the idea! wishing you all the best <3

  11. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    WOW! What an amazing basket that is. You literally thought of everything!

  12. Cheyanne says:

    Ooooooooooooooh. This is such a good idea. I should put one together for when my boyfriend wonders what he can do to help and I don’t have any ideas for him. 🙂

    He always makes me some jasmine tea though. That seems to help quite a bit. 😉

    Hope you have a better week. Last week was a really rough one for me as well. Here’s to better weeks for all of us!

  13. I am glad I found your blog. I too suffer from fibromyalgia. It’s something that friends and family do not understand. I was reading your blog checking off (in my head) that I suffer the same pains. Thank you for writing about it.

  14. Ari Adams says:

    Sorry you are going through this. Thank goodness for friends and loved ones to help you through it!

  15. Amanda says:

    That cuddle basket is a good idea! I’m not diagnosed with fibro, but think I could be dealing with it right now. I’ll need to remember this post!

    Amanda | thedeerandthewolf.com

  16. Sarah Bailey says:

    Oh my gosh this is such an amazing idea! I wonder if I could get someone to swap one with me hmmmm. x

  17. listen2mama says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon. I know many of us could use me time and one of these amazing baskets!

  18. Tori Gabriel says:

    What a fantastic idea and I love what you included too. This isn’t restricted to Fibro sufferers either. I think most people would benefit from a cuddle basket. Mine would contain chocolate, bubble bath, a scented candle (one of those cool ones with jewellery in them), a chick lit novel, a classic novel (Little Women or Anne of Green Gables), a movie (something funny), some real life magazines and a notepad.

  19. Great post. Loving the goodies in the basket.

  20. That is more of a trolley than a basket!! What would I put in my basket? Bottle of Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Sex & The City box set, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Mint Matchmakers… iPhone and Chromebook

  21. Liz Mays says:

    I think they are awesome ideas. People with fibromyalgia definitely need cuddle baskets like these from time to time.

  22. stephanie says:

    I like the idea of a cuddle kit – such a fab idea. I’d have to have one of those giant choc chip cookies in mine, or maybe a bag of them 🙂

  23. Lovely. Great tips. My friend has a lovely blog that you may find inspiring about chronic illness. It’s chronicallywhole.com Enjoy!

  24. Diana Villa says:

    I hope you feel at least a little bit better soon Claire, your cuddle basket is totally adorable 😀

  25. TheLondonMum says:

    There’s not one thing I would change from your basket! I would love to receive that when I was feeling low or in pain. x

  26. logancan says:

    II love the cozy socks and book! Those are must items for when you aren’t feeling great. I’d say a Redbox gift card would be nice!

  27. jasminekeclipse says:

    This is such a great idea! I don’t have fibromyalgia, but I do have lupus, which is somewhat similar. The pain is not nearly as bad as fibromyalgia, but it is close and unbearable at times. I think I’ll create my own lupus basket! Thanks for sharing! (And I hope you feel better soon!)

  28. bowen1960 says:

    I love the idea of a cuddle basket to help get through difficult times. As well as all the great stuff everybody else has mentioned mine would have knitting needles, yarn and a pattern complicated enough to require all my attention.

  29. All of those things sound lovely and would make for a peaceful rest!

  30. perfectionistsloth says:

    I love that idea! I’ve not been diagnosed with fibromyalgia though I do have symptoms (they’ve diagnosed me with things like IBS and depression so basically they don’t know / won’t confirm what’s wrong) but a close friend is diagnosed and struggles like all sufferers do each and every day so this is something I’ll definitely consider doing.

  31. Travel Quest says:

    I love this idea I need a Me time too! Because of the cold weather here I need to have my snuggie, hot cocoa my ipad playing yoga music ,a book that’s all and it completes my day.

  32. I’m not sure what I’d put in my basket because my fibromyalgia pain is extreme today and I can’t think lol. thanks for the great cuddle basket ideas.

  33. winifredjac says:

    So sorry you are not feeling okay. The cuddle basket is a nice idea. Such a nice thing to do if my daughter ever gets sick.

  34. Hope you feel better soon. That’s lots of stuff in your basket. 🙂
    Mine would be my cellphone, graham crackers, a good book, comfy socks, facial cleanser….etc. 🙂

    Mhar Sefcik

  35. Debra says:

    What an amazing idea! I love your basket!

  36. cuteheads says:

    What a lovely idea! I’m so sorry it was a rough week too… A good book in bed and some quiet time would be in my basket! 😉

  37. Jody Smith says:

    Wonderful idea really! Taking care of yourself when you feel so badly is very important, i love the items you chose for your basket.

  38. Your list is filled with items to make one happy. Sending you warm wishes and all the strength you need.

  39. This is such a great idea of Cuddle Basket & Loving the goodies in the basket.

  40. Pam says:

    I love the idea of making a basket just for yourself! I just put up a blog post all about self love today and I’m going to have to add “make a cuddle basket” to my personal list. What a super idea!

  41. Daniella says:

    That’s a pretty amazing cuddle basket! I would have chocolate, rich face cream, a good book, film and a scented candle.

  42. marwamars12 says:

    This is such a great idea, helps a person stay positive in their ordeal. Nobody needs to suffer all their lives.
    And I really love what’s in your basket. Thanks for sharing:)

  43. Ana De-Jesus says:

    Oh bless you I am sorry to hear that you have been unwell but well done for remaining for positive and I love this cuddle basket idea. As someone who suffers with chronic pain and fatigue among among other issues this would be perfect for making me feel more positive x

  44. I think that a cuddle basket sounds like a brilliant idea, and I love your selection – it looks just about perfect!

  45. Catstello says:

    Spending time being good to yourself is so important! Just yesterday I had a night off from blogging because I had a really bad mental health day. Feel so much better for it today 🙂

  46. Renna says:

    You should get into doing Cuddle Hampers!

    I’d have a lavender eye mask, my iPod, and I’d lather myself with lavender oil and lie there and sink away into bliss.

  47. laura447 says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve had a tough week. I love this idea of a ‘cuddle basket’ and can be used for many different things I think. I don’t know much about Fibro so I’ll be reading some of your other posts to find out more.

    Laura x

  48. So sorry you are in pain. Being in chronic pain really does influence your mood and the relationships you maintain with others. I would pack my green tea and lavender scented oil!

  49. Rachel says:

    What a really lovely idea. I always want a soft fleece blanket for extra warmth when I am in need of some TLC x

  50. Caroline says:

    Another addition would be sights, sounds and smells of the ocean. I have just had a wonderful walk on the beach this morning with my gorgeous dog. The sun was shining and it was so uplifting but some days the walk is not possible!

  51. I am in desperate need of sleep so if I could I would put sleep in it

  52. This reminds me of the comfort box I created years ago. I still have it, but it hasn’t been active for quite a while. You have inspired me to revive it and blog about it. I’m new to your blog, glad to have found it, I also have Fibromyalgia, alongside other conditions.

  53. Deep Relief from Young Living. It’s the only thing I’ve found to really relieve my fibromyalgia aches and pain!

  54. This is quite a collection of great things! An impressive gift basket that would surely be accepted with gratitude

  55. Scraps says:

    Hmmmm, a soft, furry blanket, some fresh pjs, a heating pad, chai tea, and a stuffed monkey to cuddle with. Oh, and maybe an eye mask–doesn’t it always chafe to try and nap or rest when it’s daylight outside and the curtains aren’t quite cutting it? I hope you get your R&R time soon!

  56. Astrid says:

    I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing severe pain and fatigue. I’m glad though that you are still able to look at the positives and make this inspiring list of what you’d put in your pain comfort basket. I would put in many of the same things.

  57. Ickle Pickle says:

    Oh I am sorry you have had a difficult week – I hope you are feeling a bit better now. This comfort basket looks amazing. I love it all! Kaz x

  58. QueenThrifty says:

    Very nice basket. Claire I love reading your post.

  59. Now this is the cutest basket ever!!! I would so love to get something like this as a gift!

  60. Hope you are feeling better now and what a great idea.

  61. I am so sorry to hear about your pain! I think your positive attitude in finding healthy ways to deal with the emotional side of pain is commendable! I bet you have just helped many other people out there find a way to lift their spirits! <3

  62. Love all the products you chose! I’d definitely make sure I had Hersheys chocolate, it’s one of the only chocolate bars that truly makes me happy and lifts my spirits.

  63. let me think… chocolate, coffee, some good book, maybe a Sudoku puzzle, my fave mug, fluffy slippers and woolen socks and some relaxing tunes to keep my going 😉

  64. leeshastarr says:

    The cuddle basket is such an amazing idea! I’d loads of chocolate, ice cream (of course it can’t stay in the basket) and comfy thick socks, slippers and fresh pjs

  65. blogginginpa says:

    Your cuddle basket really covers everything! No matter what health (or other) issues you have, like you said, it’s so important to have some time for yourself!

  66. Addie says:

    This is such a beautiful gift idea! I might add some essential oils in there. I think you covered everything pretty well.

  67. mya.k says:

    this is so thoughtful and kind to give someone i would probably give it to my mom with some gift cards so to the spa. Thanks

  68. Oh wow this is such a sweet idea. My friend actually suffers from fibro and I’m inspired to create one of these for her after reading your post xxx

  69. Ali says:

    This is such a nice idea! I would love to be on the receiving end of this!

  70. What a great idea! You’ve got some lovely stuff in there too.

  71. Shelley Wilemon says:

    The basket is perfect the way it is, but I might trade out one item…as I was wrapped up in my blanket I might swap out the Kindle for an ipod with my books download from audible so I could just listen to them being read to me as I rested. This would be an awesome Christmas present if only my husband knew how to give it. 🙂

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  73. Another Fab idea Claire, I love it. Sometimes people don’t understand that you need alone time to just shut out the world for a little while. I haven’t got a clue what I would put in mine though lol x

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  75. suesuzzz says:

    This is such a beautiful and thoughtful idea…I would so love one..so my list starts…
    This is so handy to have when a flare happens to have needed and wanted this way a flare starts grab your box and relax with everything you need at your finger tips..love, love this..I know for me moving kills me so having it all in a box will help so much…
    again thank you so much for this..

  76. Lisa readings says:

    Such a excellent idea. Im going to make one up for my bestfriend.

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