Mark Bowden’s Stress Relief Hypnosis

A diagnosis of fibromyalgia can be a stressful experience. Coping with fibro can be more challenging with added stress from work, family, or financial concerns. Stress can leave you feeling angry, depressed or exhausted and it may weaken the immune system, causing health problems and decreasing feelings of well-being.

Hypnosis is a trance-like state in which you have heightened focus and concentration. Hypnosis often uses verbal repetition and mental images. When you’re under hypnosis, you usually feel relaxed and calm, and you are more open to suggestions. Hypnotherapy has been shown in clinical studies to reduce stress. It’s endorsed by the British and American Medical Associations for promoting mental health.

Mark Bowden’s Stress Relief Hypnosis

I was sceptical about how Mark Bowden’s Stress Relief Hypnosis download could relieve my stress but after 4 weeks of listening to it I am a convert. I feel less stressed and happier than I was last month. We all have the ability to alter negative thoughts and to make changes to how we respond to life’s stresses. Stress relief hypnosis can help you to decrease your stress levels and help you to manage chronic stress over time.

Who is Mark Bowden?

For the past 15 years, Mark Bowden has studied how the mind can get the best out of people. Impressively, he used his knowledge of the mind’s workings to bring international criminals to justice as a Senior Investigator with Elite Law Enforcement Agencies in the UK. Most recently, he was a Life Strategist and Hypnotherapist in London and Surrey, providing his clients with the best techniques available for overcoming issues and providing people with a life of freedom, happiness, and success. He uses the most up-to-date cutting edge techniques that are backed by science and neuroscience.

Mark Bowden claims that his Stress Relief Hypnosis:

  • Leaves you feeling relaxed and at peace with each session
  • Gives you the ability to remain calm when stressful symptoms arise
  • Eases physical symptoms caused by stress
  • Reprograms your mind to eliminate worries that add to your stress
  • Decreases your chances of developing serious stress-related medical problems

The Stress Relief download includes:

  1. A brief introduction that explains how to get the most out of the program
  2. Daytime hypnotherapy track
  3. Nighttime hypnotherapy track with alternate ending to help you sleep

Listening to the download

You can use the Stress Relief download in two ways. You can use it only as needed to alleviate stress on days when you’re feeling overwhelmed or an ongoing basis to continually manage stress.

When I listened I found a comfortable spot in a quiet place, concentrated on my breathing, and I felt my anxieties start to disappear as Mark Bowden’s voice soothed me.  It was like taking time out to pamper my mind, helping me to cope with my day to day stresses and feel better, to think more positively. I haven’t had to actively do anything or try and structure my thoughts like I was told to in CBT, I just had to relax and listen.

I think that delivering hypnosis as a download is more convenient when compared with face-to-face hypnosis. The download is available at anytime, anywhere, and is not dependent on the schedule of a hypnotist or traveling to an office. I love the option of choosing what time of day I want to listen to the recordings. The day hypnotherapy recording left me feelings energised, whereas the night time recording sometimes assisted me in going to sleep.  I’ve really benefited from Mark Bowden’s Stress Relief Hypnosis – I’m definitely less stressed and more at peace.

Have you ever tried hypnosis?

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39 Responses to Mark Bowden’s Stress Relief Hypnosis

  1. LaaLaa says:

    Ah this is great to hear that hypnosis has helped you! I couldn’t imagine living with fibromyalgia and I’m sure keeping stress at an all time low is essential. I’ve never tried hypnosis, never would be opposed to it. x

  2. nicol says:

    ive never tried hypnosis but it does sound really interesting, especially since you’ve had positive results from it!

  3. I am so glad that this worked for you as you deserve to feel relaxed and less stressed x

  4. Liz Mays says:

    This sounds like a very nice way to relax. It’s great that you’re able to listen to this as any time!

  5. Jo Wiggins says:

    I’m really pleased this has helped you. I am looking into hypnosis for my fear of flying x

  6. I have tried the type of hypnosis where you get up on stage for comedy value – I couldn’t be hypnotised though. Maybe time to try again?

  7. Anna nuttall says:

    I would like to show to someone and shove it down his fat throat. Maybe hypnosis might calm him down as he a very stressful angry man. Having said that maybe I could do with a session myself. xx

  8. Claire says:

    I’ve never tried hypnosis, but I’m really glad to hear it’s worked for you.

  9. Amy Hunt says:

    The most important thing is that you took the time out to just do nothing – just relax. That in itself distresses you, ditch all the pills and sprays -I’m a firm believer in natural solutions for problems so a nice relaxing sound file sounds like a perfect way to do so!

  10. My mum actually trained as a hypnotherapist so this is something I’ve come across before!

  11. Rachel says:

    I have never tried it but a friend of mine did for her social anxiety and it has worked wonders, the difference is amazing x

  12. kira says:

    I’ve never tried hypnosis but it’s great to know that there is a downloadable version that you can use at any time! We often spend a lot of focus and time on looking after our bodies that we forget to look after our minds too, so something like this is really great!

  13. Id be the same as you somewhat apprehensive, but sometimes you have to give it a go and I bet you’re glad you did as it helped so much

  14. Sam b says:

    I have fibro too, I tried many things with no results. I will take your word for this and give it a go. I’d try anything to be honest

  15. OLOL says:

    My grandmother has fibromyalgia so I’ll have to tell her about this. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  16. I really need to try this! I think it will help me a lot!

    xoxo, Candice

  17. Hannah says:

    I have never tried this before but I would definitely consider it xx

  18. My mummy would love to be hypnotised to see if it would work. She’s intrigued. Anything that can reduce stress sounds good to us!

  19. It’s great news to hear that it helped you. Anything that reduces stress can be a good thing.

  20. I would seriously love to give this a go as I find it hard to control my stress levels! xxx

  21. If it works I’m downloading it!!!!

  22. It sounds like it has worked for you. Anything that helps stress in a positive way can only be good

  23. Lubka Henry says:

    This sounds very interesting. Im sure it is helpful to some people.

  24. Beth Owen says:

    I really do need to try this. I have never tried it before

  25. I have always been so curious as to if these kind of things work but I guess even just taking that time out for yourself to listen to what Mark is saying is progress in itself I may have to check him out x

  26. Yuki says:

    Thank you for sharing the information !
    I really need it, because of insomnia due to too much stress and too many thoughts.
    I will try to download it. Thank you again !!

  27. Mark Bowden says:

    Claire fantastic to hear you have been experiencing the positive benefits that hypnosis brings! I love that you said it was like pamper time for your mind! If you or your readers have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me here:

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